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Statement regarding the Pavilion Gardens Cafe and Patio

"Brighton & Hove City Council, The Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival and Pavilion Gardens Cafe are pleased to confirm the cafe building and the area of the patio on its current site will remain for many years to come, in the safe hands of the Sewell family. We will be working together with the Sewell family, the cafe and its community on plans to improve the Royal Pavilion Estate which we are jointly progressing from this point on. David Sewell, proprietor of Pavilion Gardens Cafe said: “The Sewell family are delighted and relieved that uncertainty over the long term future of the cafe building and patio is at and end. We look forward to a new lease that secures our future in the gardens, where our cafe can form part of the valued heritage of the estate as a whole.” Paul Levy, on behalf of the Friends of the Cafe said: “The Friends look forward to working in partnership with the bid team to ensure the lottery bid is successful and the whole estate can develop in ways that serve all of those who love and value it. We are delighted to be recognised as partners in this process and will ensure that the community's voice is heard as the estate becomes something we all are proud of.” Brighton & Hove Chief Executive Penny Thompson CBE said; "I'm delighted we have reached an agreement to work together. This project is vital to the heart of the city and needs the input of the Pavilion Gardens Cafe community to help shape a Royal Pavilion Estate for the 21st century. We will strive to preserve and recognise the contribution of the 20th century in the form of the cafe buildings and patio which are clearly so precious to so many" Andrew Comben, CEO, Brighton Dome & Brighton Festival said, "We need to develop the Royal Pavilion Estate, including the café, patio and friends community, as something fantastic and sustainable for the 21st Century. I’m delighted we are working together to find productive solutions to some of the challenges currently faced by the estate.”

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