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The Grey Squirrel​


One of the most familiar mammals, Grey Squirrels can be found in The Royal Pavilion Gardens, often proving to be very tame. They are frequent visitors to  feeders. Grey Squirrels feast on hazelnuts / monkey nuts by cracking the shell in half. You may also find pine cones that have been nibbled, leaving what looks like an apple core behind. Squirrels make a rough nest, called a 'drey', of twigs, leaves and strips of bark in the fork of a branch, high in the tree canopy.


Blue tits, robins and chaffinches are some of what can

be found in amongst the royal Pavilion Gardens and many more.

Insects at the Royal Pavilion Gardens


Pause downwind for a moment, especially if the sun is shining, to catch a whiff of the rich, coconut perfume and listen to the humming of the bees.

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