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Comments - Argus readers back campaign to save Brighton's Pavilion Cafe

By Fredflintstone 1

Just what does "improving" the cafe mean, as far as the Greens are concerned??? This is yet another attempt by the Council to grab money and squander it on so-called "improvements", which seemingly the majority of people don't want. It should be mandatory for grant-giving bodies to have clear evidence that there is overwhelming local support for change - both initially and at the final planning stage - before they will even consider any application for funding. This might then stop vanity projects and deliver changes that actually improve people's lives. As David Lepper says, the Greens have no empathy with the city, nor its residents. When you get Cllr A Kitkat publicly accusing people who have grown up here of inbreeding, it really shows how the party views local people. It was unbelievable that she was allowed to make a remark like that about the electorate, and not disciplined by her party.

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