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Letter from David Lepper (Former MP) published today in the Argus

Letter from David Lepper (Former MP) published today in the Argus The Argus rightly says that local peoples’ views “must be heard” on the future of the Royal Pavilion Estate. (Argus Comment 04.10.2013) I suspect that before your article most people had no idea there was a “mass consultation” on the issue. So far only 700 people have responded to the Council in 4 months. I am sure the Argus will do better in encouraging people to express their views. Of course backstage improvements at the Dome and the Pavilion Theatre are needed. An education centre sounds a good idea. But if, as the Council says, litter and drug users are the main problem with the gardens then perhaps more security staff rather than redesign and chopping down trees could be the answer. And whoever eventually comes up with the final plans would be well advised to keep their hands off the Pavilion Gardens Café where the Sewell family have provided an excellent service for local people and visitors for 70 years. The Café is unique in an area where there are plenty of coffee shops, bars and restaurants a couple of minutes walk away for those who want them. There must be a place in the plans for protecting and celebrating this well established and popular local business.

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