Paul Levy posted on Pavilion Gardens Cafe'sFacebook timeline

Paul Levy posted on Pavilion Gardens Cafe's timeline "Here's the latest on Twitter from Jason Kitcat: "they (David and the current cafe) have first refusal on anything is my understanding and current lease unaffected." The current lease runs out in a couple of years, so he is being "correct" about that but not very revealing. Also, once again, the sinister undertone here is what is NOT being said. It is looking increasingly likely that the current cafe building will be announced as being demolished (David has NOT been involved in any discussions in any detail about this possibility) and the Sewell family will indeed get first offer on a cafe somewhere else in the gardens. The sustainability of David's current business is based on the current building and its patio. It's a large patio, loved by its community and users. Here's a prediction: They will offer a new cafe in a different space with little or no comparable patio space. David will be offered something entirely different, frustrating his business. The council has now gone very silent on the details of this, claiming that nothing has been decided. One thing they have not done is affirm in any way the possibility that the current building and patio on its current site can remain."

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