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The Pavilion Gardens Cafe and Patio could be destroyed

Note that on the map pictures there's a carefully worded and unclear phrase that suggests the Pavilion Gardens cafe might be incorporated into a new building. It doesn't show the current building and hints that all that might remain is the name! Nothing clear here... plenty to fear here.

Thanks to Nicola Jeffs from the Dome for pointing these out to us. ( They can be found on the Dome Web sites, and, apparently also on the council and pavilion web sites. According to Nicola, they have been up since December. We earlier pointed out we'd been told, on trying to find these images, that they couldn't be found. So, we are happy to correct our earlier statement that these images had been lost. That was simply what we were told. Nicola has corrected that and you can now all see the bid team's publicly shared vision for the removal of the Pavilion Gardens Cafe art deco building and patio, a cafe and community that has its own heritage, nowhere mentioned nor acknowledged in this bid document, nor used as an asset in the bid proposal. Indeed, it is valued clearly at zero in these proposals. We note that the only image shown of our current cafe is of it closed, despite the many images available of it packed and buzzing with its community and customers. How unkind and unpleasant for a team who claimed to our faces that they highly value the cafe and the Sewells.

Early in 2013, we were assured no decisions had been taken and that there were no plans nor drawings - not until consultation had taken place. Geoffrey Bowden, almost at the same time, told us that consultation with over 700 individuals and groups HAD already taken place. Catherine Carey, from the same team, told us that NO consultation had taken place, only "research". David Sewell was repeatedly told he HAD been consulted many times. David told the bid team he didn't feel he's been consulted at all. To this day, nothing concrete has been offered to him.

We were then shown artist impressions that show the cafe destroyed. We were told these were just "ambitions", not "decisions". We were told of a master plan for the gardens that hadn't been created and didn't yet exist. And then we kept hearing this very "master plan" referred to in meetings and in documents. We had different views from different members of the SAME bid team.

Are you surprised if David and the friends began to mistrust this bid team, acting on behalf of the city and aiming to gain public money? These "ambitions" and "visions" are now there for all to see. If realised, they will destroy our cafe, patio and community.

These ambitions have been submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund, clearly shown and stated. They haven't arisen from public consultation because, according to the bid team itself, that consultation is yet to take place. How do you feel about that kind of public involvement. These drawings are clear. These visions contain a clear and horrendous future for our much valued cafe. That's why we have to fight them. We are forced to fight the bid, because, as thins stand, the cafe's destruction is a cornerstone of the bid. If that unclarity and fear were removed by a simple and clear statement and NEW drawing showing our cafe and patio STILL THERE in the plans, things could be different.

So, here's the proof, and the reason why we call on all who love the Pavilion Gardens Cafe and Patio as it is, to join us in stopping this bid team from realising their narrow ambition, an ambition not shared by the community in the gardens, the community who are part of a public who own these gardens in law.

Leave our cafe alone!

(Please note, we fully expect to be asked to remove these images by the bid team. We acknowledge they are not our images, are the work of others, and that the bid team won't want an open discussion at this stage of their ambitions, especially given the clear and horrible truth that is shown here - the ambition to remove our cafe, patio and community. So, we fully expect them to try to suppress the opportunity in OUR community for reaction and comment)

Please also note: Watch out for a statement from the bid team or one of its partners trying to rubbish this news, dilute it, rubbish us, or apply a whirl of spin to it, all dressed up as "correcting misinformation". Just look at their own pictures - they are PART OF THE BID. We don't have their full time staff. We aren't using public money to try to destroy a cafe building and community. We can't hope to match the resources aimed at this bid team getting just what it wants.

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